Declaring Appropriation Ordinance No. 2010-05 and 2010-06, all series of 2010 of Loay, Bohol Supplemental Budget No. 4, involving a total appropriation of Five Hundred Eighty Five Thousand Six Hundred Sixty One Pesos and Seventy Centavos (Php585,661.70) for General Fund, as valid and operative, having shown apparent and substantial compliance to the provisions of R.A. 7160, other pertinent laws, rules and regulations subject however to the conditions stipulated by the Provincial Budget Office. (Sponsored by Hon. Dionisio D. Balite; co-sponsored by Hon. Ramonito A. Torrefranca, and the Honorable Presiding Officer, Dr. Cesar Tomas M. Lopez. M.D.)…

Complete TITLES of Approved Legislation!

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