A Provincial Legislative Body that is proactive, independent and responsive to the needs, dreams and aspirations of the Boholano people.


We, therefore commit ourselves to:

1.) Maintain independence as a co-equal and co-ordinate branch of the provincial government;

2.) Enact quality legislation relevant to the socio-economic and political situation in the province of Bohol; and

3.) Enact legislative measures supportive of the goals of the provincial government.


1.) To enact ordinances and pass resolutions for an efficient and effective provincial government;

2.) To generate revenues and maximize the use of resources for the development plans, programs, objectives and priorities of the province with particular attention to eco-cultural tourism, agro-industrial development and countrywide growth and progress;

3.) Grant franchises, approve the issuance of permits or licenses, or enact ordinances levying taxes, fees and charges upon such conditions and for such purpose intended to promote the general welfare of the inhabitants of the province; and

4.) Approve ordinances which shall ensure the efficient and effective delivery of basic services and facilities.